On Wednesday 11 July 2012 we had the annual visit from the Beavers.  They were with us between 5 and 7 pm and kept at least three of our trains running continuously.  Some of the parents stayed longer with their children and enjoyed the evening.  We look forward to receiving another visit from the Beavers next year. 

From 7 until 9 pm we had friends and family visit us and again kept at least three trains running continuously. 92220 'Evening Star' double headed by 'Allycat' ( a 'Sweet Pea' variant) and later a Class 50 hauling five riding cars. A small 'Railmotor' locomotive hauling one riding car, another 'Sweet Pea' hauling two riding cars, a Class 20 with two cars, a 'Speedy' double headed with a six coupled 'Meter Maid' with two riding cars to name but a few, all kept very busy by the sixty plus friends and family who had turned out to see our railway.

Our members who were present were very pleased with the turn out and were pleased to be kept busy !  Our friends and family really enjoyed the evening and many asked when we will be doing it again !  There were generous donations made during the evening, so for all concerned this was a very worthwhile and enjoyable evening.