OUR PROGRAMME. . . .  .   Last update:  01 February 2024

Because of extensive works being carried out by developers on the boundary of our site and additional roadway traffic during the working week, the power station management have requested we restrict our visits to the site to SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS ONLY for the time being except by special arrangement.   

PLEASE NOTE - We are operating our railway within a secure area . . . . .     Prospective visitors MUST
CONTACT US in advance before attending so that their names can be recorded by the Power Station Security personnel, otherwise  access will be denied.


Saturday 18 May 2024                 3.1/2" Rally                    |MORE|

Sunday   19 May 2024                 3.1/2" Rally                    |MORE|

Saturday 23 June 2024                RuMLEC Efficiency Trials    |MORE|

Sunday   24 June 2024                RuMLEC Efficiency Trials    |MORE|

Sunday   07 July 2024                 Family & Friends Day        |MORE|

Saturday 13 July 2024                 Diesel Day                      |MORE|    

Sunday   08 September 2024        Family & Friends Day        |MORE|