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August 2020

Its good to be back !    The return to our track was delayed by the pandemic, but as you will see from the following photographs, in the few weeks we have been back on site  we have seen a great variety of different 3 1/2", 5" and one 7 1/4" gauge steam and diesel outline models running of our near 2000ft long raised track. . . . .   






July 2020

Our return to our track is the subject of an editorial in the August 2020 'Engineering in Miniature' magazine.



June 2020

We are back !    In April 2020 our Society was granted a license by Rugeley Power Limited that allowed us access to our railway which is located within the power station site.  We have had to delay returning to our railway until now because of the risk of Corvid-19 contagion. . . .  . . . .   


February 2020

The winner of the 2020 'Les Edwards Trophy for Craftmanship' was Roy Clift with his 5" gauge model of a Midland Railway 6 wheeled passenger coach.  The main purpose of the competition is to remember the workmanship that our late member Les Edwards showed in his lifetime and the help he was always willing to give for those of us still learning.





October 2018

A few weeks ago our member John Dutton saw a post on Facebook from leading electronic controller manufacturer, 4QD describing their newly developed controller tester.  They were offering a 'free' unit to clubs and societies. John has take advantage of this offer and it is now available to diesel electric model owning members. More information on 4QD controllers can be found on their website  . . . www.4qd.co.uk




October 2018

Our final club visit of the year saw our members travel to Wrexham for another day at the Wrexham and District Model Engineering Society. . . . . . |MORE|


September 2018

2nd September 2018 saw us visiting the Little Hay Miniature Railway, home of the Sutton Coldfield Model Engineering Society.  This was one of the best visits in number of members attending. We were given a very warm welcome from the Sutton members and their wives and it was a most enjoyable day in good company.  . . . . .    |MORE|




August 2018

Member John Dutton reported on 20 August 2018 . . . . .    "Another successful and enjoyable club visit completed yesterday to the 'Peacock Railway', the home of the South Cheshire Model Engineering Society.  |MORE|



July 2018

On Saturday 28 July 2018 several of our members enjoyed a visit to the Leeds Society of Model and Experimental Engineers.  What the Leeds society has in common with us is that it is also based in the grounds of a power station.  Eggborough power station closed in 2016, but the society has been more fortunate than our own, in being able to maintain access to their track and facilities despite the end of power generation.    |MORE|



July 2018

Bromsgrove Diesel Gala.

On a sunny and very warm Saturday 7 July, Bromsgrove Society of Model Engineers held their 'Diesel Gala'.   Several Rugeley SME members attended this well organised and most enjoyable day with their 'Diesel Outline' 5" gauge model locomotives.  . . . . .  



June 2018

Wednesday 20 June, 2018 saw a group of our members visiting Wildon UK's premises in 'Old Station Yard' Lower Leigh.  The owner of this business Mark Wildon has a collection of generators, diesel locomotive power units, boilers, and a unique 1957 600 hp triple expansion steam engine . . . . . a signal box, water tower, and even a working standard gauge Ruston shunter and track !    
 . . . . . .    | MORE |



June 2018

On Sunday 17 June, 2018 several of our members accepted an invitation to visit the Derby Society of Model and Experimental Engineers.   Derby SMEE have a superb fully landscaped track layout.  Their members made us very welcome . . . . . . .  . . . . .
| MORE |



June 2018

On Saturday 2 June, 2018 several of our members took advantaged of an invitation from the Butterley Park Miniature Railway to visit them with their locos. This was a really good day, and enjoyed by each of our members attending         
. . . . . . . . . | MORE |



September 2017

These photographs were taken by member John Dutton on 30 September 2017, and show parts of our 2000ft multi-gauge raised level track on the very last afternoon of our site access. Our license expired today, so this impressive facility will now be un-maintained, unused and left for the elements to slowly deteriorate
. . . . . . . . .  | MORE |



September 2017

Having been told by the owners of the Rugeley Power Station that we had to vacate our site on 30 September 2017, members enjoyed two final running days on the last weekends in September. The club will now continue as a model engineering society without a track with monthly meetings at Armitage Village Hall . . . . .  . . . .  | MORE |



Following the visit from Wrexham and District MES earlier this year, on Saturday 15 April several of our members accepted an invitation for a return visit to Wrexham, where they were made most welcome and enjoyed the hospitality extended by the society.  With the closure of our own track, these 'away days' take on even more importance in giving our members the opportunity to run their locomotives whilst not being able to at 'home' following the closure of our track on 31 March 2017. . . . | MORE |



On 1 April 2017 our member John Dutton received the following email message from Steve Brown of the South Cheshire Model Engineering Society  . .
 "A sad day indeed yesterday, but I'm glad to see you made the best of your last run - some great night time photos on Facebook. SCMES thanks you for letting us run on your fantastic track in February, we are still talking about it and send all best wishes to all at the Rugeley Power Station Model Engineering Society for the future.  Along with all other societies I'd like to convey our invitation to come and have a run at our Peacock Hotel track, near Nantwich and look forward to seeing you in the not too distant future. As Editor of the SCMES newsletter (The Blower) I have attached the latest edition which I thought may be of interest to you and other members "  Best regards, Steve Brown



Following the loss of our facilities after the closure of Rugeley Power Station, members used Friday 31 March as the last opportunity to run locomotives on the club track. Some members stretched out the final day to include evening running after dark. Driving in darkness is a different experience and presents challenging conditions for drivers, although the excellent track signalling system makes night running as safe as operating in daylight.  Night photography is always difficult, but some images of the late evening running can be downloaded  . . . .  | HERE |



Our final Friends and Family Day was held on Sunday 19 March 2017.   A bitter - sweet day. The following photographs show how much our visitors enjoyed the day  . .  especially the children.  However, with the closure of Rugeley Power Station, our railway will not be allowed to operate after 31 March.    So unless along with the neigbouring recreational facilities it can be saved    . . . . . .  . . . . 
 . .  . | MORE |



On Saturday 4 March 2017 we were pleased to receive a visit from members of the Leyland Society of Model Engineers.  They were a very friendly group of enthusiasts who brought a variety of excellent models for a last run on our track before we close down on 31 March. . . . .  . . . . .          | MORE |



Sunday 26 February was the South Cheshire MES's day for a pre-closure visit to our track.  A good day was enjoyed by visitors and members in the company of like minded enthusiast  . . . . . . . .       | MORE |



February 2017

On Saturday 25 February 2017 we received a pre-closure visit from the Wrexham & District Model Engineering Society.  The Wrexham members brought several excellent models to run on our track.  It was a pleasure to have them with us for the day, and we hope to make a return visit later this year.  . . . ! MORE !



February 2017

On Sunday 18 February we were pleased to receive a visit from members of the Sutton Coldfield Model Engineering Society.  As well as being able to have their excellent models running on our track, because they are a local society, based in Little Hay, near Lichfield, this was also the opportunity to meet old friends.    ! MORE !



February 2017

Sunday 12 February was chosen by the Nottingham Society of Model and Experimental for a pre-closure visit to our track. Unfortunately they chose a day when the weather was particularly grey and damp as the photographs will confirm !  ! MORE !



February 2017

As part of our pre-closure series of visits from other societies. on a sunny Saturday 4 February 2017 we were pleased to receive members from the Leeds Society of Model and Experimental Engineers.     Our visitors brought a variety of excellent models to run on our track.  . . . . .  ! MORE !



January 2017

Ahead of the closure of our track and facilities on 31 March this year, several model engineering society approached us for a visit and to run their locomotives on our track for the last time. The first of these visits took place today. 14 January, when we were pleased to receive a visit from members of Sale Area Model Engineering Society  (S.A.M.E.S) . . . . . . . | MORE |



January 2017

You can see a video on YouTube posted by Sale MES member 'LMS4767' titled   . . .   '5" gauge LNER 60107 Royal Lancer on tour at Rugeley Society of Model Engineers' . . . . . . .   | HERE |



December 2016

On a cold but dry, Tuesday 27 December 2016 we held what will probably be our final  'Christmas Steam Up' before we close down our railway next March.  The event was well attended, and the low air temperature made for a lot of condensed steam from our steam locomotives !    . . . . . .   |MORE|



October 2016

On Saturday 29 October 2016 several of our members visited the Wrexham Society of Model Engineers for their 'Day on the Diesels'.  They reported that the facilities at Wrexham were excellent and that they had received a very warm welcome from the Wrexham members, and thoroughly enjoyed their day in the company of fellow 'diesel electric' model enthusiasts.    The following photographs taken on the day include the unusual record of our chairman Derek Moore actually enjoying driving a diesel locomotive !  . . . . .|HERE|



October 2016

The Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition again invited our society to exhibit members models at their 2016 Exhibition at the Fosse Exhibition Centre near Leamington Spa  


July 2016

Each year our Society holds an EFFICIENCY COMPETITION. 9 locomotives took part in the 2016 competition.  The winner this year was JOHN WARD with his 5" gauge locomotive 'Y CWMRO'.   Member Derek Tweed again provided the test equipment and calculated and prepared these official results of the Society's 2016 competition   . . . . . . .|MORE|


July  2016

On the evening of Wednesday 20 July, we received a visit from 45 members of the BRANCH LINE SOCIETY, This required us to operate an intensive train service to accommodate the number of visitors, and with the heavy passenger loads most trains were 'double-headed'.  |MORE|



July  2016

Members of the TRENT VALLEY MODEL RAILWAY SOCIETY visited us on a warm and sunny Sunday 17 July 2016.    The Trent Valley MRS is a well established model railway club with a clubhouse in Weeford, near Lichfield  . . . . | MORE |



July  2016

On Sunday 10 July 2016 our society held it's first 'Diesel Day'.    For the first time all models running were diesel outline electric locomotives.  . . . . .  |MORE|



MAY 2016

For what was a cold and very wet Bank Holiday Monday, there was still a steady stream of visitors for rides on our railway at the Rugeley Power Station Social Club 'FUN DAY'.  Members just about managed to keep up with the demand at our station for rides behind one of our steam or electric locos.  . . .  .  . . .  |MORE|



September 2015

On a warm and sunny late Summer Saturday 26 September 2015 our society was privileged to receive a visit from members of the London & North Western Railway Society who brought with them as many as 20 models,   . . . . .  . . . .  |MORE|



September 2015

On Saturday 12 September 2015 members visited the private Statfold Barn Railway.  The
Statfold Barn Railway is an extensive multi-gauge private railway near Tamworth. It is home to an extensive collection of historic steam, diesel and electric locomotives   . . . . .  |MORE|



At our 'Steam Up' on 4 May 2014, member Ron Hancock took photographs that you can now view  . . .  |HERE|

Making it a special occasion was a visit from founder and honourary member Matt Jeffrey (  see |OUR HISTORY| ).who now lives in Pennsylvania USA and was on a short visit to the UK.




At each year's Rugeley Power Station Open Day we are asked to assist the main club with running a continuous service of trains for visitors, whilst at the same time we try to promote our society's purpose and achievements. . . . . . . . . . 

Our 'Steam Up' on Sunday 30th June 2013 was well attended, and on a pleasant summer afternoon members brought the a variety of steam and diesel outline models to the
track  . . . . . . . . . 

On Sunday 23 September 2012 we received visitors from both the Leeds MES and Nottingham MES, who brought some really excellent models.   See a video produced by our member David Emberton, of these locomotives in steam on our track . . . . . |HERE|

On Wednesday 11 July 2012 we had the annual visit from the Beavers.  They were with us between 5 and 7 pm and kept at least three of our trains running continuously.  Some of the parents stayed longer with their children and enjoyed the evening.  We look forward to receiving another visit from the Beavers next year. 


We were fortunate to have a warm and sunny day to welcome visitors to the 2011 Midlands Federation Rally which we were privileged to host this year.  As many as 16 owners / drivers brought their 3 1/2" gauge and 5 " gauge locomotives to the Rally, and there was even a greater numbers of visitors who came as spectators.  We extend our thanks to all visitors for supporting the Rally, and for making it such a success !      

Watch our 2011 Rally video produced by member David Emberton  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . |HERE|  

To see some general photographs of the Rally, click  . . . . .|HERE|
You can also click on the following visitor list to see photographs of individual locomotives and their owners . . .

Tony Lancaster Coventry GEC Model Engineering Society 5" Midland 4P
Leonard Cook. Burton-upon-Trent Model Engineering Society 3.1/2" LMS Mogul
John Copestick        Sutton Coldfield Model Engineering Society 5" 'Archilles'
Robert Bates   Sutton Coldfield Model Engineering Society 5" 'Sweet Pea'
John Chambers Erewash Valley Model Engineering Society 3.1/2" 'Conway'
Ian Priest Wolverhampton & District Model Engineering Soc. 5" Gresley 2-8-0
John Ollerenshaw Erewash Valley Model Engineering Society 5" 'Sweet Pea'
Barry Pallett  Birmingham Society of Model Engineers 5" Class 20 Diesel
Peter McMillan  Sutton Coldfield Model Engineering Society 5" Thompson B1
Howard Brazier Burton-upon-Trent Model Engineering Society 5" Simplex
Brian Neale      Leicester NW Model Engineering Society   5" Freelance 4-4-0
Barrie Wilkinson Burton-upon-Trent Model Engineering Society   5" LNER 4-6-2
David Waldram Leicester NW Model Engineering Society 5" LNER V2
Harry Savage  Wolverhampton & District Model Engineering Soc 5" LNER J39
Keith Bloor Birmingham Society of Model Engineers 5" Class 45 Diesel
Andrew Whirledge Burton-upon-Trent Model Engineering Society 5" 'Deltic'


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